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Rubber Stair Treads

rubber-stair-treadsPrevent accidents in stair wells with rubber stair treads. Companies that are remodeling or building new buildings should consider rubber tread as a staple in safety features. Slip and fall accidents are the most common workplace accident, most occurring on stairs. Though these accidents can not be prevented, they can be reduced. Having safety tread on stairs creates traction and grip, reducing the number of slip and fall accidents. Not only are they a standard for stair well safety, they can add to the building's design. Rubber stair treads are available in a variety of colors and textured patterns.

Safety stair treads may have been created for safety, but that does not mean they can't be stylish. Today's building designers are looking for rubber flooring products that serve dual purposes. They want safety and style combined. That’s why Roppe’s line of top-quality rubber stair treads are offered in more colors and styles than any other stair tread on the market. Our safety stair tread is full functional while still providing an attractive look to otherwise plain, boring stairs. Treads can be matched to floor tiles and other elements to enhance and contribute to the style of the building.

Roppe's line of rubber treads come in a wide range of colors. Colors are also available in a variety of textured patterns. Stair treads can be customized to meet different needs. Roppe offers a two-tone style that increases visibility, self-illuminating abrasive glow strips for added safety in the dark and textured patterns that increase grip.rubber-stair-treads

Roppe is the industry leader in manufacturing safety stair tread. They never sacrifice quality. Rubber stair treads are designed to be durable and resist staining and breakage at the nose. Unlike other brands, Roppe’s rubber treads are molded with the color running through the entire thickness, not just on the surface. This means scuffs and scratches are much less noticeable and extends the lifetime of the treads considerably. They are also available in a flame retardant, oil/grease resistant and antimicrobial compound. Roppe's stair tread is warrantied to out last competitor products and offers continued performance for up to 25 years. Rubber stair treads are made from 10 percent natural rubber, a renewable resource which may contribute to LEED Certification. PVC free rubber makes them better for the environment because they are also recycleable.

Roppe products are an excellent choice when it comes to safety products that are both attractive and functional. Roppe stair treads are great for shopping malls, hospitals, airports, schools and more. For buildings needing rubber stair treads, make Roppe products the number one choice.

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