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When it comes to rubber flooring, you have to be careful of the quality. Poor quality flooring cannot stand the test of time and can deteriorate rather quickly. Also, with rubber, you can negatively impact the environment if it is not disposed of properly. Roppe Flooring is the expert in rubber and vinyl flooring. We make sure we use the highest quality materials and dispose of our waste properly.

Roppe Flooring is your solution to your rubber flooring choices. Located in the small Midwestern town of Fostoria, Ohio, we are celebrating over 50 years as leaders in the commercial flooring industry. We take pride in every product that is manufactured, shipped and delivered to our customers. Our products have stood the test of time because we only use quality materials in our flooring. We have experience and have proven ourselves to be a quality flooring company.

Our products are also environmentally friendly because we use renewable resources and participate in recycling programs to minimize waste. We are dedicated to doing our part to help the environment and have diverted over 7000 tons of rubber from landfills to date. Our rubber flooring may also quality for the Green Building Council’s LEED certification system. All of our products have an EcoScorecard tool that you can review online. You can read more about the scorecard on our website.

Many gym and retail owners seek after rubber flooring because it reduces the impact on people’s knees and legs. It adds a level of comfort for those people who stand on their feet for long periods of time or who extensively workout with high impact aerobics or routines. It helps to ease leg and foot fatigue and promotes proper posture. There are many health advantages for you and your employees with the use of rubber as a flooring material.

You will be surprised the many colors, styles and textures our rubber flooring and accessories come in. The best part is that our flooring options do not look tacky or out of place. They will fit nicely in with your décor and add to the overall appearance of the room. Our flooring is pleasing not only on the eyes, but the feet as well.

Browse our website and view the many flooring options we have. Each series offers you a “Quick 6” of the benefits and features it offers. It also will show you the colors, styles and textures that flooring option has. There are also technical specifications and compliance ratings on each of our flooring series. Best of all, you have the ecoScorecard to review that gives you the environmental standards that series of rubber flooring meets. Contact us today and make your affordable flooring dreams come true!

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