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Tough and durable as well as environmentally friendly, it can be used indoors or outdoors. Rop-Cord‘s built-in anti-slip feature makes it practical for a variety of areas, including damp or wet spaces. So, it’s an ideal flooring for ramps, walk-off mats, concourses and foyers – anywhere moisture might pose a hazard to pedestrians.




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• Mother Nature-friendly and recyclable, made with 90% post-consumer waste from tires, which may contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certification System.

• Lifetime delamination warranty.

• Nominal 3/8" thick vulcanized backing and nominal 3/8" thick non-vulcanized backed modular tile allows diverse patterns in 12" x 12" tiles.

• Easy maintenance – just vacuum and spot clean as needed. Outdoor applications can be hosed off and left to dry.

• Meets ADA recommendations for ramps.

• Four (4) color options: Pine, Crimson, Indigo and Earthtone.

Note: When exposed to direct sunlight and other elements, discoloration will occur.

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