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A palette of calm, warm and inviting colors also allows for pops of color to add interest and character to many different types of healthcare and educational spaces. Available in .080" 24" x 24" or 1/8" 50cm Hammered and 1/8" 50cm Smooth tile, it works within your project budget, too.




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• PVC free.

• Contains 10% post-industrial waste which may contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certification System, and meets FloorScore®, NSF332 and CHPS criteria.

• Colors coordinate with our other products, so you can mix and match with tile, tread, wall base and accessories. (Custom colors are available; minimum quantities may apply.)

• Available in .080" 24" x 24" or 1/8" 50cm Hammered and 1/8" 50cm Smooth tile and coordinating tread profiles only.

• Unique flecked design helps hide dirt and debris between cleanings.

• All colors available at a Single Price Point.

Tile Profiles
970 Smooth Design970 Smooth Design 995 Hammered995 Hammered

Stair Tread Profiles
40-41 Tread#40-#41 Abrasive Strip Design 50-51 Tread#50-#51 Abrasive Strip Design 60-61 Tread#60-#61 Smooth Design 70-71 Tread#70-#71 Smooth Design 95 Tread#95 Hammered Design with Riser 99 Tread#99 Hammered Square Nose Tread w/o Riser
Grit Strip Colors (Available On Stair Tread Only)
L - Safety YellowL - Safety Yellow A - BlackA - Black W - Pebble WhiteW - Pebble White G - Ocean GrayG - Ocean Gray T - Teak BrownT - Teak Brown E - BeigeE - Beige A - Galley RedA - Galley Red D - Glow StripD - Glow Strip
HL01 River StoneHL01 River Stone HL02 Hot CocoaHL02 Hot Cocoa HL03 CoolBreezeHL03 Cool Breeze HL04 WarmTeaHL04 Warm Tea HL05 WheatFieldsHL05 Wheat Fields HL06 BlondeBeeHL06 Blonde Bee HL07 BrownEarthHL07 Brown Earth HL08 SimpleSaltHL08 Simple Salt HL09 GreyDayHL09 Grey Day HL10 SweetDillHL10 Sweet Dill HL11 BlueSkyHL11 Blue Sky HL12 MidnightHL12 Midnight HL13 MerlotHL13 Merlot HL14 CalmClayHL14 Calm Clay HL15 SnowfallHL15 Snowfall

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