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Choosing Roppe means that you are choosing to work with a product partner that is Proven. Roppe is celebrating over 50 years as a leading manufacturer in the commercial flooring industry. Our company is family owned, and is a very integral part of the small Midwestern town of Fostoria, Ohio, where our headquarters are located. The longevity of our company is a testament to the employees that live local to this community and take pride in every product that is manufactured, shipped and delivered to our end-users. Our products have stood the test of time, and our service and commitment to the commercial flooring industry is proven.

Choosing Roppe means that you are choosing to work with a product partner that has centralized its product mix around Flooring. The commercial flooring industry has many manufacturers. Roppe realizes the importance of having a range of products readily available to the end-users, so the job can be completed in a timely manner. The need to work with several suppliers is usually unnecessary, as we offer all of the products that are needed to provide a clean, finished, professionally designed interior space. Roppe is flooring.

Choosing Roppe means that you are choosing to work with a product partner that has many positive Experiences from within the field to share. When you think of the last job you installed or sold, do you have a positive and satisfying recollection of the vendor that you worked with?

When you choose Roppe, you will always finish the project knowing that you partnered with one of the best manufacturers that the commercial flooring industry has to offer! The entire Roppe team works to provide you with the added benefits of innovative products, great customer service, flexible logistics requirements and the industry’s first Single Price Point system! All colors from Black to Pink – one price per product in our major product lines: wall base, tile, treads and accessories.

Being the easiest company in the commercial flooring industry to do business with is a long-standing goal for the entire Roppe team. We invite you to share in the Proven. Flooring. Experiences. that make Roppe the partner you want to work with!

Visit us on the Web at www.roppe.com, or call our helpful customer service staff at 1.800.537.9527.
Dependability – all the time, every time.



Donald P. Miller


Miller, Donald P.

RHC Chairman of the Board, President & CEO

Miller, Judy R.

RHC Vice President

Briggs, Angela K.

RHC Corporate Secretary

Baker, Mark J. RHC

Vice President of Finance & Treasurer

Deringer, Chip H.

RHC Vice President of Logistics

Michelsen, Douglas A.

RHC Vice President of Operations

Rogers, A. Bart

RHC Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Baker, Mark J.

RHC Vice President of Finance & Treasurer

Babb, Valerie V.

401(k) Administrator & Executive Assistant (RHC)

Curtis, Mark A.

Corporate Accountant

Harman, Brenda S.

Accounts Payable (Custom Corner/Tri-County Broadcasting) Accounting Assistant

Myerholtz, Eric D.


Myers, Kelly

Accounts Receivable (Roppe)

Radcliff, D. Ellen

Accounts Payable (Roppe)

Smith, Brenda K.

Payroll Manager & Accounting (RHC)


Baker, Jim

Manager of IT Network and Operations

Baker, Nick

Data Management Administrator

Markins, Lisa

ERP Analyst/Developer

McDonald, Denny

MRP Analyst/Developer

Nester Sr., Lawrence R.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Overmier, Jody

Computer Support Specialist

Reinhart, Becky

Manager of Applications and Software

Wade, Mark

Applications/Software Specialist



Crapo, Elizabeth

Executive Assistant for Don & Judy Miller; Angie Briggs; and Bart Rogers

Babb, Valerie V.

Executive Assistant for Mark Baker and Chip Deringer


Beach, Gregg

Buildings & Grounds Manager


Roberts, Dennis R.

Maintenance Supervisor


Deringer, Chip H.

RHC Vice President of Logistics

Estrada, Karen

Logistics Transportation Clerk

Lewis, Jason

Logistics Coordinator

Moyer, Bill Jr.

Logistics Operations/QA Coordinator

Peiffer, Marilyn A.

Transportation Assistant

Shiley, Katrina

Warehouse Transportation Clerk

Theis, Scott

Shipper Leader – Receiving & Returns

Welly, Angie K.

Fleet/Warehouse Manager


Dillon, Galen

Industrial Engineer

Hoyda, Jim

Industrial Engineer

Kuyken, Mike

Industrial Engineer

Depinet, Chad

Automation and Controls Engineer


Loy, Jana M.

RHC Human Resources Manager, PHR & SHRM-CP

Brown, Teri

Office Support

Kent, Vickie M.

Human Resources Assistant

Williams, Marcie


Schooley, Patrick

Industrial Safety/Environmental Health Director


Dhavalikar, Rahul

RHC Director of Product Development/Chief Polymer Chemist

Duque, Pete, Jr.

Quality Assurance Manager

Gentillon, Jacob

Chemist Tech

Yost, Jerry P.

Mixing/Lab Manager


Brickner, Dee Dee –
LEED Green Associate LEED Green Associate

Marketing Manager

Cooper, Brian

RHC Product Manager

Dougherty, Ann

General Manager of Sustainability

Huff, Cindy M.

RHC Special Projects Coordinator

Jenkins, Kim

RHC Special Projects Coordinator


Rogers, Bart

RHC Vice President of Sales & Marketing



Michelsen, Douglas A.

RHC Vice President of Operations

Farabee, Randy L.

Director of Manufacturing

Lucius, Ryan P.

RHC Inventory Control/Scheduling Manager

Brickner, Dennis J.

Mixing Room Supervisor

Carnahan, Roy

Production Supervisor--2nd Shift

Daunhauer, Bill L.

Production Control & Scheduling

Hernandez, Brenda

Production Supervisor – 1st Shift

Ritzler, Jeff

Production Supervisor – 3rd shift

Kelley, Colleen

Production Scheduler

Wolfe, Regina

Production Scheduler


Elchert, Lisa M.

Purchasing Manager


Tierney, Mike

Roppe National Sales Manager

Cell: 419.619.9169

Howerton, Thomas

RHC National Account Sales Mgr.

Cell: 678.378.3311

Bolin, Keith

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Alabama, Southern Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee (except far eastern TN)

Cell: 662.420.0876

Butler, Shawn

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts

Cell: 508.269.1241

Carter, John

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, N Carolina, S Carolina and Southern/Western Virginia

Cell: 706.315.0715

Ertelt, Dave

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: E. Idaho; Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, W. Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, S. Dakota and Nebraska

Cell: 303.522.7920

Flippo, Tammy

National Accounts Manager

Cell: 256.762.6635

Greiner, Scott

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: E. Indiana, N. Kentucky, S. & W. Ohio and Michigan

Cell: 513.316.9800

Haas, Vance

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Texas, N Louisiana

Cell: 419.619.7314

Hubbard, Kelly

Contract Product Specification Sales Representative

Territory: California, Arizona, Nevada

Cell: 951.553.3301

Knapp, Thomas

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: New York, Connecticut, W. Pennsylvania, NE Ohio and N. West Virginia

Cell: 917.691.0419

Nash, Kristy

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Florida and S. Georgia

Cell: 419.619.5766

Peer, Charles

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: New York Metro, New Jersey, E. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and DC

Cell: 908.285.3371

Puckering, Brenda

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Canada

Cell: 647.248.8479

Sharts, Stuart

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Southern CA, Arizona, Southern Nevada

Cell: 805.328.9791

Sloan, Stephen

A & D Representative

Territory: North / South Carolina, N Georgia, Western Virginia, Tennessee (Far Eastern TN)

Cell: 336.260.3783

Tuffner, Joe

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Illinois, NW Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, N Dakota, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula Michigan, Central/NE Indiana, Michigan, Ohio (except NE Ohio), West Virginia

Cell: 630.947.2803

Tupper, Kathie

Western Canada Regional Sales & AD Representative

Territory: Western Canada

Cell: 604.617.6654

VanLuenen, Olaf

Regional Sales Representative

Territory: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Western Idaho, N. California, Hawaii and N. Nevada

Cell: 206.227.8035


Forrest, Ann E.

International Customer Service

Schmenk, Kristen

International Customer Service

Gambino, Fernando

International Sales Representative

Cell: 419.619.3116




Belden, Kim

National Accounts Customer Service Rep

Miller, Jennifer

National Accounts Customer Service Rep

Rockey, Kathy

National Accounts Customer Service Rep

Sterling, Sharon

National Accounts Customer Service Rep


Schwab, Linda

Regional Customer Service Manager

Harden, Bonnie

Regional Customer Service Manager

Baker, Suze

Regional Customer Service Representative

Lance, Joy

Regional Customer Service Representative

Stearns, Bev

Regional Customer Service Representative

Teeple, Cindy

Regional Customer Service Representative

Warriner, Becky

Regional Customer Service Representative

Vandersall, Holly

Regional Customer Service Representative

Pollard, Tasha

Regional Customer Service Representative

Forrest, Ann

International Customer Service

Schmenk, Kristen

International Customer Service




Roppe Corporation: The Winning Team

Roppe Corporation is committed to success. The key to our past, current, and future success is our employees. Roppe has low turnover rates due to our excellent benefits and compensation plans. Roppe believes in a leadership philosophy that encourages participation, self-management, and determination for success. We promote advancement from within when possible and are proud to promote equal employment opportunities and prohibit harassment in our workplace.

If you are interested in employment, please forward a resume to HR@Roppe.com. All resumes will be kept confidential and in our files for one year.

Roppe is proud to be a member of the following organizations, committed to the advancement of excellence in their fields:

National Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD)
International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
Flooring Installation Association of North America (FIANA)
Continental Flooring Company (GSA)
World Floor Covering Association (WFCA)
Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA)
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
International Standards & Training Alliance (INSTALL)

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